THz Coherent Light Source

The THz Coherent Light Source in Uppsala












SUFEL is designing a powerful and flexible THz light source with a number of unique properties. It will deliver linearly polarized quasi-half-cycle and multi-cycle THz pulses with a field strength in the V/Å regime at a multi-kilohertz repetition rate. The design is adapted to fit the users' need and is specifically developed for pump-probe spectroscopy. The main characteristics are presented in the Table below.











The layout of the THz light source is shown in the figure above. It makes use of a superconducting linear accelerator to provide CW mode of operation with 1-100 kHz repetition rate. The THz radiation is produced at two separate beamlines delivering either strong-field quasi-half-cycle THz pulses, or tunable narrowband THz waves combined with broad-band probe pulses. The design is based on a novel concept in which the generated THz radiation from the electron bunches in a bunch train act together to produce high energy THz pulses. In particular the creation of the quasi-half-cycle pulses exploits the recently proposed Tanaka scheme [1].


The science case and conceptual design has been described in a White Paper from 2016.



[1] T. Tanaka, PRL 114(4), 044801 (2015)


SUFEL is a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University.


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